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Proudly 100% Made in Italy

BIELLA: Land of Textiles

Our Cashmere fibers are transformed in Biella (Italy) by spinners, weavers and garment makers who combine ancient skills and traditions with modern technologies.

SPINNING Operations

Spinning Operation (Worsted or Carded) converts Cashmere fibers into yarn, ie a continuous and resistant thread.

WARPING Operations

The warping is the operation that precedes the weaving: the threads (yarns) are wound parallel to the beam of the warp which will then be placed in a loom.

WEAVING Operations

Weaving is the process of fabric formation in which yarns are interlaced at right angles using a weaving machine (Loom). Yarns, colors, weaves and creativity make the rest….

FINISHING Operations

The “finishing” stage is the most critical part of the process and is what makes the feel and appearance of the fabric unique.


It requires great skill and an understanding of how cashmere ‘behaves’ to ensure that our finished product exceeds customer expectations for its entire life.