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All business operators holding a VAT code, who wish to receive an invoice, are obliged to refer to this before closing the order. During the “Forwarding” phase, after filling in the fields in the section, “Forwarding address,” you will have to tick the box “Invoice request” and fill in the field, “Company” with the complete name and “VAT code.” If the invoicing address does not coincide with the forwarding address, you may change it in the next phase.

1. EU business Operators (excluding Italy)

The validity of the VAT code will be subject to the VIES control system (VAT Information Exchange System – VAT-related information exchange system). This is an electronic tool for the certification of the VAT codes of business operators in the EU for transborder transaction of goods and services.

For the correct compilation of the VAT Code, you have to insert the number holding the following indications as reference.

Member state Indications to fill in the field*
AT-Austria U99999999
BE-Belgium 0999999999
BG-Bulgaria 999999999 or


CY-Cyprus 99999999L
CZ-Czech Republic 99999999 or

999999999 or


DE-Germany 999999999
DK-Denmark 99 99 99 99
EE-Estonia 999999999
EL-Greece 999999999
ES-Spain X9999999X4
FI-Finland 99999999
FR-France XX 999999999
GB-Great Britain 999 9999 99 or

999 9999 99 9995 or

GD9996 or


HR-Croatia 99999999999
HU-Hungary 99999999
IE-Ireland 9S99999L or 9999999WI
IT-Italy 99999999999
LT-Lithuania 999999999 or


LU-Luxembourg 99999999
LV-Latvia 99999999999
MT-Malta 99999999
NL-Netherlands 999999999B998
PL-Poland 9999999999
PT-Portugal 999999999
RO-Romania 999999999
SE-Sweden 999999999999
SI-Slovenia 99999999
SK-Slovakia 9999999999

Annotations: *: 

The format does not include the two letters of the prefix 
9: One number 
X: A letter or a digit 
S: A letter; a digit; “+” o “*” 
L: a letter

Once the VAT Code has been validated, the system will automatically deduct the amount of the taxes from the total order, pursuant to Art. 41, paragraph 1, letter a) L. Degree 331/1993. This may be applied exclusively if the forwarding address and invoice refer to the same Country.

2. Business operator and private entity OUTSIDE the EU

All business operators and private entities outside the EU, who access the corresponding site, will automatically see the prices without VAT, pursuant to Art. 8, P. Decree 633/1972. This may be validated exclusively if the forwarding address and invoice refer to the same country.